The preferred choice for any business considering their health and safety needs

In March 2007 ISS was established as a safety consultancy primarily targeting the Paper and Packaging industry. This industry is still our main area of focus however the consultancy has rapidly grown to take in a full range of industries where we assist our clients in all aspects of health and safety.

ISS is able to offer a very personal and extensive range of services. All ISS consultants have worked within a range of industries from manufacturing through to the offshore environment, this has enabled the development of a consultancy with real experience to provide competent professional advice to its client base.

Our Services

The ISS Team of Consultants is able to offer a very personal and extensive range of services, from policies and procedures to training and risk assessment all developed specifically for our clients.

We have one mantra “KISS-IT”Keep It Stupidly Simple  – our experience has shown that as soon as a company  starts making health and safety  difficult and overcomplicating the issue, then it becomes more and more difficult to implement successfully.